Audio post production outsourcing services for film, video, annimation and games

We are based in Chiang Mai, North Thailand.

We provide a bespoke audio design and editing service to the highest professional standards with the same care and attention you have given to your project.

After a comprehensive briefing session we will then come back to you with a quote alongside timelines and other relevant information. Once agreed we will receive from you a locked visual edit of your project and existing audio assets and start work.

You will always be part of the creative process and will be kept up to date with downloadable and viewable assets.

Finished work will be delivered to you however you wish. We can work with FTP, DigiDelivery or courier physical assets, the choice is yours.

You could always think about having a 'holiday' in Thailand...

Gratuitous detail
Stereo and sound prep room
Sound post pro guest house